Reflections on Services that Support Students at West Roxbury High

How do you feel about the process we went through in order to complete the project?

I felt it was very organized and broken down in small parts that helped us understand what we were doing. - Esther Joseph

There was a lot of guidance but also independent work. - Marie Ladouceur

I wasn't sure about the final project at the beginning, but as time went on, and I was involved more into it, I really liked it. - Nacky Valcin

Which part of the project did you like the best and why?

I liked working with other students and helping them understand and complete the survey, because I remember when I first came not understanding forms that were given to me. - Carisma Michel

I liked presenting the survey to the parents because it was nice to show them that we were doing something to help them as well. - Marcelot Cepoudy

I liked collecting all the data because it was interesting to see the different responses. - Rosemond Oxidor

I liked the handbook because I found out about programs that I had no idea existed in school. - Cassandra Jaboin

I liked the guest speakers and the awesome jobs they have. - Deulin Augustin

How do you feel about the handbook?

I really like it. I know it will help me next year. - Jennifer Blanc

I think we should have done it when I was a freshman. Now that I'm a senior I feel sad because of all the programs I didn't use because no one told me about them. - Natacha Denaud

I didn't know how it would look at the end, and I am really surprised on how nice it turned out. - Mycarlie Baptiste

How do your parents feel about the handbook?

They are happy that they have something that tells them about all the different programs at school. - Yeveline Charles
Now, they will believe me when I tell them I stay after school for more help.
- Christine Gervet

They were amazed at all the programs available. - Yardly Claude

Now they want me to stay after school everyday for extra help. - Marie Mathew

What are the reactions of your friends and fellow classmates who received this handbook?

They were shocked that there are so many programs. - Melissa Boursiquot

They didn't know most of these programs. - Daphney Jean

They loved it. - Alex Perez

They wished they knew about them earlier in the year. - Marie Sejourne

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