Issues of Homelessness ~ Final Project Self Assessment

Describe your Final Project - title, media, size, technique, etc.


What is your Message?


Have your attitudes changed since the beginning of the project? How have they changed? Why? Why not?


How is your present attitude reflected in your work?


What images did you use to convey your ideas?


What materials did you use to convey your ideas?


On a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the highest, how do you rate yourself in these areas?


Content/main idea

  1. content does not relate to issues of homelessness
  2. content is unclear
  3. content is related to topic
  4. content is direct and helps others understand.


  1. Information is disorganized and unrelated
  2. Information is related to topic but does not have a focus that draws the audience
  3. Work has a good design and is related topic
  4. Work has original ideas related to the topic and draws audience because it arouses curiosity


  1. work was poorly put together and shows that a lot of class time was wasted.
  2. work is o.k., but student did not explore a wide range of possibilities
  3. work looks pretty good
  4. work is terrific and shows that student put care, thought, time, and enthusiasm in it
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