The following quizzes were designed by students to assess the effectiveness of their exhibits:



Try for the Raffle


Directions- Play this game by reading our poster board and filling in the following blanks with

words from the list below. When you finish, pass it in to  Lisa, Chaunte, or Judy. Correct quizzes

 will be entered in a raffle. There will be 3 winners.


Words to use:

                        Lump                                        90%                             Tobacco

                        Air pollution                              Women                         Smoking

                        Asbestos                                   Cancer                         Foods

                        Pleura                                       Mesothelioma                Alcoholic beverages

                        What causes cancer?                35                                 Occupational hazards



1. ________________________________only slightly increase the risk of lung cancer.


2. Another type of _____________ link to ___________is ______ ___often starts in the ______________.


3. In the environment chemicals that naturally occur in foods are______________percent.


4. In the environment __________________________________has 30%.


5. The title of the board is ____________________________________________________.


6. About ______ of all breast cancers are found by _________________themselves.


7. Three ways to get cancer from the environment are: ________________________, _________________ ,

    and _________________________________.


8. If you have cancer in the breast you may feel a ________________________.



*~Lead Poisoning Quiz~*



1. Above what level of lead in your blood must to be treated?



 2. What could happen to a baby if the mother has lead poisoning?



3.What are some mechanisms of lead poisoning?



4.How does lead poisoning affect learning?



5.What are some effects if your lead micro-grams per deciliter are higher than 50?


Answers to Quiz



1. If below 10 micro-grams per deciliter you are all right. If above 10 deciliters you will need

 screening (check-ups 4 times a year).If above 50 deciliters you need to be sure to change your

environment. And if above 45 deciliters you will need chelation therapy. (put chemical in the blood

to combined with the lead).


2. The baby may become mentally retarded. It will be hard for him/her to learn in the classroom, hard

to pay attention and may have bad behavior.


3. Some mechanisms are headaches, mood changes, feeling tired, abdominal pain, and anemia which

 means low iron in the blood.


4. Lead has a direct toxic effect on the brain metabolism, and in the central nervous system.


5. Stomach aches/cramps, decrease in life span, coma /seizures, kidney damage that makes it difficult to

urinate, and anemia which means low iron in the blood.






1. What specialized cells in the pancreas are organized into clusters?

a)   Insulin resistance

b)   Islet cells

c)   Macular edema

d)   Ketones


2. All of these below are some diabetes symptoms except ____________.

a.   Extreme thirst

b.   Extreme hunger

c.   Itchy skin

d.   Getting ugly


3. How many people each year had diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

a)    50

b)    51,000

c)    20,000

d)    30,000


4. About what percentage of the population have diabetes type 2?

a)    50-60%

b)    20-30%

c)    90-95%

d)    5-10%


What is one of the biggest treatments for diabetes type 2?

a) Weight loss

b) Slow down on your diet

c) Do not eat vegetables

d) None of these above


What is the cause of Diabetes type2?

a)   High blood sugar levels

b)   Hunger

c)   Thirst

d)   None of those above




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