Restaurant Dialogue

  Asking for a Seat


Waiter:       Hi!  How are you today?

Ying:          Pretty good!

Waiter:       How many?

Ying:          Two, please.

Waiter:       Smoking or non-smoking?

Ying:          Non-smoking, please.

Waiter:       Please come with me. Do you mind sitting here?

Ying:          Of course not, thank you.




Waitress:    Hello. Here is your menu. What would you like to drink?

Ying:          Coca-Cola.

Bi:              Just a glass of water please.

Waitress:    May I take your order now?

Ying:          Um… I would like the crispy chicken.

Waitress:    How about you, Miss?

Bi:              I want chicken salad.

Waitress:    What kind of dressing do you like?

Bi:              Ranch.

Waitress:    Is that all? Would you like appetizers or soup? We have clam chowder for soup today.

Ying:          No thanks. We're all set.

Waitress:    Okay. Just a moment.


      Asking for Help


Waitress:    Sorry to keep you waiting. Here are your orders.  Enjoy.

Ying,Bi:     Thanks!

Ying:          Excuse me, can I get some salt and pepper?

Waitress:    Sure.  Do you need anything else?

Bi:              May I please have some water and napkins?

Waitress:    Of course. I'll be right back.


Waitress:    Here you are.  How is the food?


Waitress:    Would you like some dessert?

Ying:          Two ice cream sundaes, please.

Waitress:    No problem.



     Asking for Check.


Ying:          Excuse me. May I have the check, please?

Waitress:    Okay.  $32 is your total.  How do you want to pay for it - credit card, check or cash?

Ying:          Credit. Here is my credit card.

Waitress:    Please sign here.

Ying:          Okay. Here you go.

Waitress.    Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Ying, Bi:    You too. Bye bye.