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Playground Name________________________________________


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Playground Safety Checklist
Accessible sharp edges or points.
Broken or missing rails, steps, rungs or seats.
Broken supports or anchors.
Chipped or peeling paint.
Deformation of open hooks, shackles, rings, links, etc.
Exposed ends of tubing that should be covered by plugs or caps.
Footings exposed, cracked, or loose in ground.
Hard surfaces, especially under swings, slides, etc.
Lack of lubrication on moving parts.
Loose bolts, nuts, etc.
Missing, damaged, or loose swing seats; heavy seats with edges or corners.
Pinch or crush point (junctures of moving components, e.g., axis of seesaw).
Poor drainage areas.
Protruding bolt ends that do not have smooth finished caps and covers.
Splintered, cracked, or deteriorated wood.
Surfacing material worn or scattered (in landing pits, etc.)
Tripping hazards such as roots, rocks, or other environmental obstacles.
Use only commercial parts for commercial applications -- not residential.
Vandalism (broken glass, trash, etc.)
Visible cracks, bending, warping, rusting, or breakage of any kind.
Worn bearings.
Worn swing hangers and chains.
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