Integrated Curriculum Activities

Word Processing

Word process the following document. Save on disk with: Your Initials OT 2000

Over There (bold - center)

George M. Cohan (right - justify)

Over there, over there,

Spread the word, send the word, over there.

That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming,

The drums, drum-drumming everywhere.

So prepare, say a prayer.

Send the word, spread the word to beware

Well be over, were coming over,

And we wont be back till its over, over there.

Research Team

With your team members, use the Internet, electronic encyclopedias, books or interview notes to find answers to the following questions. Please answer in complete sentences.

1. Who were the Yanks?

2. What is a doughboy?

3. Who was George M. Cohan?

4. What was the Lusitania?

5. Who was Woodrow Wilson?

6. Who was Archduke Francis Ferdinand?

7. Who was Patrick E. Toy?

8. What is a war bond?

9. What date and hour did World War I end?

10. What is this day called now? How do we observe it?

Technology & Society

World War I Inventions

Inventions and improved technology changed the story of World War I. Some inventions that played a role in the war include: submarine, machine gun, tank and airplane.

Select one of these inventions: submarine, machine gun, tank or airplane. Answer the following questions.

1. Who created this invention?

2. Why was it an important technology discovery?

Drawing & Painting

Using KidPix draw the Lusitania.

Multimedia Presentation (Team)

Choose a topic about WWI. Using your information, create a slide show using PowerPoint.


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