Key Questions for Fact Sheets on Smoking

Using the Internet, choose a research area on smoking and second-hand smoke. Be sure to address key questions, but feel free to add any relevant information that supplements this search and relates to your group's topic. Cite all sources (any Web site with relevant information).

1. What is tobacco? (e.g. What is its history? What type of plant is it?)

2. What are the major chemicals in tobacco? Name at least five of them.

3. What are the health risks of these chemicals?

4. What are some illnesses caused by smoking?

5. What is passive smoking (second-hand or environmental smoke)?

6. Why is passive smoking as bad as smoking?

7. How does tobacco use differ among the ethnic groups of the United States? Research at least 5 different groups.

8. How does tobacco use differ among different nations of the world? Compare at least 3 different nations, e.g. China, Vietnam, and Mexico.

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