STC Reading: Health Project


  • To research important health topics that are relevant to all students.
  • To create posters and materials on these topics.
  • To plan mini-workshops to present to students to raise awareness on these topics
  • To plan and hold a health fair at the end of the school year for guests from an elementary or middle school and students at CHS

Why: To research important health issues.

  • To develop deeper understanding of important health issues.
  • To learn how to present these issues to others
  • To develop reading and writing skills.
  • To develop good communication skills.
  • To share what you learn.
  • To help students help themselves.
  • To explore different health fields and careers.
  • To learn how to research health issues.

What: These are some issues that we can explore. You can add other topics. We are trying to pick issues that are important to students bur are not really emphasized. Students often hear about drug abuse, smoking and sex. Which issues should they also think about? Listed below are some suggestions.

  • Hearing/noise problems - be nice to our ears, using headphones, going to music concerts
  • Vision - good eye care, time for glasses
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Headaches - why do we get them
  • Emergency first aid (till help comes)
  • Good web sites for health issues
  • Local community health agencies and the services they offer
  • Good computer practices - sitting at the computer, taking care of wrists and eyes
  • Exercises to do in your seats or between classes
  • Giving blood - save lives
  • Skin care - using lotions, make up, zits, skin cancer
  • Sleep - teenagers' needs, insomnia, sleeping well
  • School safety - preventing accidents
  • Self-defense
  • Depression - recognition, treatment
  • Balancing your diet
  • Back problems - heavy book bags
  • Health careers


How? How can we present these issues to others? Visit health classes. Hold learning fairs. Design posters. Create PowerPoint presentations. Publish helpful health hints. Create brochures. Develop games. More …

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