Evaluation Health Presentation

Your comments will help the presenters at our fair, the citywide expo, and for classroom demonstrations. Your comments will enable them to prepare for future audiences. Make any suggestions that can enhance the presentations. If you have any good ideas, share them. We can only benefit from your valuable feedback.

1. What three things did you learn from the presentation? Did anything confuse you?

2. Name two speakers for friendly feedback.

Did they present information clearly and effectively?
Were they easy to understand?
Were they enthusiastic about their subject?
How did they show they understood their subject?
How could they improve?

Speaker 1


Speaker 2


3. Name two poster boards.

Did they reinforce the presentation?
What would you add/subtract?
Comment on appearance and organization.

Poster Board 1


Poster Board 2


4. Choose two brochures.

Examine each one carefully?
Is it attractive?
Do you see any spelling or grammar mistakes?
How does it sum up the subject matter?

Brochure 1


Brochure 2


5. On the whole, what were the strong parts in the presentations? What parts could be improved?


6. Do you think the speakers are ready to take the show on the road? Do you have any tips on sharing about these important health issues?

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