The journal should cover at least five pages. Complete entries after each Read Aloud session. Begin each entry by recording: Title, Author, Illustrator. As questions change with each session, feel free to create additional questions.

1st Session

• Describe your Book Buddy. How old is s/he? What does this child look like? What are his/her interests and talents? Write so the reader can visualize your Buddy.

• How did you feel when you read to the child? Were you nervous? Did you practice? Where was the session?

• What was your Buddy’s reaction? Did s/he sit still? Was your Buddy interested?

2nd Session

• How did your 1st session compare with this one? Were you more comfortable? Did you do anything differently?

• Did your Buddy change at all? If so, how? Ask your Buddy how s/he likes the sessions. Expect the truth. Kids are blunt!

• Encourage your Buddy to make a drawing about the book you read. (Bring crayons to the session.)

3rd Session

• How was your third session? Compare it with your first two Read Alouds. Did you do anything to improve? Please explain.

• Describe two things your Buddy did while you were reading. Was s/he smiling? Participating? Crying? Cranky? Inattentive?

• Ask your Buddy which book of your three selections s/he likes best? Why? Does your Buddy’s response tell you anything about the child and help you plan your next selection?

4th Session

• How has the relationship with your Buddy changed since your 1st session? Can you explain your present relationship? Explain how the child’s body language describes your interaction.

• Have your Buddy draw a picture of you. Don’t t rush. Allow time for expression. Be patient!

• How do you feel about this project? Give specific reasons.

5th Session

• This is your last Read Aloud session. How do you feel? How does your Buddy feel?

• How has your Buddy changed since your first meeting? Is s/he more comfortable, enthusiastic, talkative, better behaved?

• Have your Buddy create a "good-bye" note or picture.