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Standards Based ~ Academically Rigorous ~ Applied Service Learning Curricula
Hallmark of BPS School to Career Practice

Including 6 A's ~ 5 Service Learning Priorities ~ 9 School to Career Competencies



  Harrison Barnett The Not Forgotten ~ Sharing History & Archaeology

Sharon Clark
Successful Deaf Leaders in Government

John Deyab PreSERVING America's Past With the Objects of Our History
Jeremy Greenfield Bringing Justice Home ~First Steps toward Community Action
Jorge Ortega Don't Just Dream - Act ~ Higher Education for All
Sandy Simpson
Reach Up ~ Reach Out To a Lifetime of Service Learning
  Mary Ellen Bower Literacy Leaders ~ Cross-School Mentoring
  Cheryl Brown-Greene Women Count ~ In a Virtual Math Museum
Rachel Cummings Loving Literature ~ Changing Communities
John Enright Rx for Tired Classrooms ~ Voc Ed to the Rescue

Kia Ling Chang, Theresa Feeney, Valerie Wong
Step Into the Real World ~ Careers & Service Learning

Pamela Hinkle Foley
Bright On Design ~ A School Business Gives Back
  Elizabeth Irwin Slam! Bringing Poetry to Life
Charlotte McCullough
TechAssist 2 ~ Cisco Kids Help Schools
  Fred Slater TechAssist 1 ~ Networking for Student Service
Demetra Stavrianidis
What's Your School IQ? Services that Support Students
  Alison Hramiec Circle of Life ~ Healing Garden
Karen Prussing, Su-Chih Sun
Recycle with EPA ~ Entrepreneurial Paper Activities
  Peggy Renfranz GardenWorks ~ Cultivating Academic Standards for Non-Academic Students
Jane Thom
Community Bridges ~ Real & Virtual
Human Needs
  Claudia Chaffee Successful Deaf Leaders
  Theresa Feeney, Valerie Wong Sound Minds in Sound Bodies ~ Spreading the Word
Robert Lamothe, Joan Syms, Yvonne Troxell
Artists Act Against Homelessness
Joanne Lee-Nieves
Wake Up Call to Fitness & Nutrition
  Liana Tuller Community Environmental Health Fair
Public Safety
  Andrea Doremus Cuetara Teen Sexuality & the Spread of STD
Maggie Hoyt
Parks for Peace
Susan Mortensen
Showcasing Teen Issues ~ It's About Respect

BOSTON WOMEN'S MEMORIAL Signature Projects ~ Learn & Serve

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TeachNet Service Learning is administered by Boston Public Schools Affiliate IMPACT II @ School to Career.
Supporting TeachNet are Special Assistant for High School Renewal, Kathleen Mullin; IMPACT II Affiliate Director Barbara Locurto; WebMaster Andrew Binns; High School Renewal; School to Career Program: Linda Younis; Project Assistant Jean Gibran. For more information, email

About the Project Archives: The project was active between 2002 and 2007, with teacher-designed projects implemented and published on the website. This site now presents the archives from this project. While many of the teachers and partners may have retired or moved to other schools and projects, the materials published here continue to be valuable to readers, with both the concepts and the projects themselves continuing to be widely read.