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The following K-12 Teacher Disseminators' standards based models show how technology helps students apply classroom learning to solve real world problems. By developing career competencies, student mentors, addressing environmental and human needs, and practicing public safety and responsible citizenship, they learn to serve and serve to learn.

Mary Ellen Bower Literacy Leaders for Life Long Learners

Specials #1 Book Buddies #2 Working with Young Children #3 Reading Aloud
#4 Young Authors Writing #5 Learning Festival
Maria D'Itria Walk Her Way Along a Women's History Trail Specials #1 What is Fame? #2 Getting to Know You #3 Growing Files for Women's History #4 An Extraordinary Woman #5 The Walk
Gabriell DeBear Paye Pay Attention To Our Earth! Specials #1 Finding & Collecting #2 An Experimental Design #3 Educating the Community
Bill Ganter Virtual Urban Gardens Specials #1 Do the Rot Thing #2 Decomposition and Compost #3 Big Fat, Juicy Worms #4 Whose Bud Are You?
Sarah Johnson Serving and Learning From Those Who Have Served Specials #1 Helping the Homeless #2 A Soldier's Story #3 A Salute to Veterans
Vera Johnson Big Hearts, Little Hands Reach for Peace Specials #1 ABC Peace Banner #2 Making a Class Anthology #3 A Declaration of Peace
Lambros Alex Pappas Community Portraits in Pictures and Words Specials #1 Kid Calendars #2 A Virtual Dinner #3 Thank You For the Get Well Card
Aida Quinones Techno Gardening Specials #1 Dishing the Dirt Part 1 #2 Dishing the Dirt Part 2 #3 Dishing the Dirt Part 3
Mary Rudder A Glimpse of Japan ~ From Our World To Yours Specials #1 Where in the World? #2 Lands That I Love ~ #3 My Country ~ Your Country #4 Letter - Hiragana - Perfect ~ Writing a Japanese Pictionary #5 Age Brings Wisdom ~ Learning to Respect Elders

Linda Scott Database Detectives Discover Democracy Specials #1 Record Clues #2 Solve a Mystery #3 Hold an Election
Lai Lai Sheung Rooftop Garden ~ Planting Seeds of Service Specials #1 How Many Seeds? #2 Acid Rain: How Does it Affect Plants?
#3 How Big is the Dream Garden? Metric Measuring
#4 Thermometer Literacy Measuring Temperatures in Sun and Shade
Lisa Vasallo Connecting Courage ~ Community ~ Computer Specials #1 Scavenger Hunt #2 Tell Me a Story of Courage #3 Courage in My Life
Alma Wright Rediscovering the Richness of Roxbury ... Specials #1 Neighborhood Walking Tour #2 Seniors Serve as Sources
#3 From the Earliest Days ~ Creating a Neighborhood Time Line


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About the Project Archives: The BostonTeachNet.org project was active between 2002 and 2007, with teacher-designed projects implemented and published on the BostonTeachNet.org website. This site now presents the archives from this project. While many of the teachers and partners may have retired or moved to other schools and projects, the materials published here continue to be valuable to readers, with both the concepts and the projects themselves continuing to be widely read.