An Extraordinary Woman

After reporting election results of candidates for their Women's Heritage Trail (Special #3), students focus on one extraordinary woman. They create and word process a chant about her, march to a site associated with her, and share findings with the community.

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Maria D'Itria, author and AT&T
Teacher Disseminator.
Learning Standards
  • Make an oral presentation demonstrating, purpose, shared information, and audience rapport.
  • Participate in group discussions and decision making.
  • Learn about the past and make relevant connections with the present.
  • Classroom Activities
    • Select one woman for her outstanding contributions to the community.
    • Create a chant about her.
    • Identify a site associated with her.
    • Plan and schedule a march to the site.
    • Design and publish a flyer or bookmark. highlighting the woman's deeds.
    • Write a press release about the march.
    • E-mail release to media and organizations.

  • Use researched material about the woman for computer generated banner and posters.
  • Practice marching to song/chant/poem.
  • Assign roles for tasks during march.
  • March to site with banner and posters and recite chant.
  • Pay tribute to woman and distribute flyers and/or bookmarks to community participants.
  • Community Activities
    Students and local residents share in a history-making event honoring a woman who has contributed to the community.
    Participating in the democratic process, students organize a public event and assume roles allied with community activism and public relations.
    Paper, supplies and tools for mailing, announcements, flyers, posters and banner. camera, film.
    Students use e-mail for press releases, Print Shop for posters and banner, ClarisWorks for documents, and scanner for event photos.
    Teacher evaluates products, choral speaking, march, and audience presentation.
    Web Sites
    Boston Women's Heritage Trail
    Godey's Lady's Book Online
    Places Where Women Made History