Peacemakers ABC Banner

Inspired by the life of Louis D. Brown, a young, vibrant high school student who was killed in the crossfire of rival gangs, youngsters read about his life and research it on the Internet. They become pro-active peacemakers who discover the power of words and explore their own peace concepts in daily journals. Class generated Words For Peace are incorporated in banners that students share with the whole community.

For more about this special from Big Hearts, Little Hands Reach for Peace e-mail Vera Johnson, author and AT&T Teacher Disseminator.
Learning Standards
  • Become familiar with and compose a variety of texts.
  • Learn new words and use them expressively.
  • Build vocabulary and usage in oral and written exercises.
  • Use standard conventions of writing.
  • Classroom Activities
    As students read about and respond to Louis D. Brown’s life, they:
    • Share their own experiences with conflict.
    • Discuss specific ways to solve problems.
    • Record their dreams and hopes for peace
      in daily journals.

    Brainstorming words that convey the concept of peace, they create a two column Words for Peace Chart . As students agree on selected words for the Peacemakers ABC Banners, they word process, print, illustrate, and share the results.
    Community Activities
    Students display their Peacemakers ABC Banners in conspicuous school areas: cafeteria, stairwell near schoolyard entrance, hallway leading to school buses, etc. They also carry them in a community parade to demonstrate peace strategies.
    Students identify and discuss law enforcement, education, and other careers that contribute to a peaceful community.
    Louis D. Brown Peacemakers ABC Kit, The Louis D. Brown Peace Curriculum, notebooks for journals, banner materials
    Students research Louis D. Brown on the Internet. For banners they use Printshop Deluxe and a printer.
    Teacher observes, recognizes, and rewards students effectively using peace words in class, schoolyard, and daily journal writing.

    Web Sites
    Students research Louis D. Brown at
    the Institute web site.