Learn & Serve Projects

Lisa Vasallo Courage Connection 2 Kids 4 Kids
Cheryl Brown-Greene Extending Hands of Friendship To Veterans & Japanese E-Pals
Lynn Quinn My Country 'Tis of Thee
Sharon Clark Successful Deaf Leaders in Government
Marilyn Hyder TOURS R US ~ History Comes Alive
Raymundo Rustrian VIDA ~ Values for Immigrants Discovering America
Cheryl Brown-Greene Women Count ~ In a Virtual Math Museum

Nancy Williams Learn to Read, Read to Learn ~ With Neighborhood Connections
Adelina da Silva Learn to Teach ~ Teach to Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)
Darlean Lewis Learning Partners: LPs for Life
Christina Yee Networking ~ Techies as Teachers
John Enright Rx for Tired Classrooms ~ Voc Ed to the Rescue
Patricia Ouellet Seeing Through Lyddie's Eyes ~ A Historical Career Search
Chang, Feeney, Wong Step Into the Real World ~ Careers & Service Learning
Valerie Wong The Traveling Classroom ~ ESL Students Give Back
Maggie Lodge Writing Buddies: The Writing/Teaching Life

Wai Chin Ng Earth Day Birthday ~ Learning Festival
Gabriell DeBear Paye Environmental Studies at Millennium Park
Lai Lai Sheung School Gardens ~ Sowing Seeds of Service
Ana Vaisenstein ¡Vamos al jardín! Working Together in a Community Garden
Marion Sweeney Wising up to Water ~ Simple yet Complex

Human Needs
Jennifer Rosher Little Hands Help the Homeless
Hazel Sparrow MS Means Must Succeed ~ Changing Attitudes Toward the Disabled
Naia Wilson The Compassion Network ~ Preserving Our Pearls of Wisdom
Anne Levy The Story of My Life ~ Tapping into the Experiences of Senior Citizens

Public Safety
Kia Ling Chang Quit Smoking - Together We Can Do It!
Leamon Jones A Peaceful Place Is Powerful for the Mind
Christina Yee Geometry Shapes Playground Safety
Shih & Ho Buddy, Are You Ready? - Preparing for School Emergencies
Jennifer Shammas Befriending Bullies

New Learn & Serve Projects

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TeachNet Service Learning is administered by Boston Public Schools Affiliate IMPACT II @ High School Renewal.
Supporting TeachNet are Special Assistant to the Superintendent for High School Renewal, Kathleen Mullin; IMPACT II Affiliate Director Barbara Locurto; WebMaster Andrew Binns; Web Advisor Linda Younis, High School Renewal; School to Career Program: Linda Younis; Project Assistant: Linda Younis | Project Assistant Jean Gibran. For more information, email blocurto@gmail.com.