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Wall of Fame
Successful Deaf Leaders

Arts, English Language Arts, Social Studies


deaf high school students
Communities local agencies & universities
Careers education, health care, social services


Who are our Successful Deaf Leaders?
How do they handle success, cope with challenges and overcome obstacles? What advice would they offer deaf students who want to become successful? Vowing to go beyond mere answers to the above key questions, a group of high school deaf students launch a yearlong project. Their goal is to identify and pay tribute to leaders who contribute to the local deaf community. Surveying their school community for candidates to be included in a Deaf Wall of Fame, students research legendary deaf leaders. Their multiple tasks include travel to several agencies and universities for interviews. They also write memos, e-mail messages and biographies, photograph leaders, and share a videotape and computer slide presentation with other schools. As they complete their project checklists, one student signs, "Wow, this feels like a real business office. I love it!" On the day of celebration, students honor Successful Deaf Leaders and hang their portraits on the Deaf Wall of Fame.
Resources Living Legends I & II Stories about Incredible Deaf People, Darlene Toole; Signs in Success, Profiles of Deaf Americans, Ron Podmore; video: Deaf Culture Autobiography, M.J. Bienvenu
Technology search Internet, send e-mail messages, use TTY, scan connector to display on large screen, photograph & video leaders, word process publications, create computer slide show
Web Sites  Deaf America Web ; HandsSpeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
Community Partners
American Sign Language Teachers Association, D.E.A.F., Inc.

Learning Standards Classroom Activities Service Activities
o Connect reading with own & others' experiences (ELA)
o Facilitate group discussions (ELA)
 o Review & discuss video & biographies of national deaf leaders
o Begin reflections in electronic journals
o Agree to display photos & stories of local deaf leaders on a school Wall of Fame 
o Describe project & ask for input in a memo 
o Send deaf students & staff memos requesting nominations for worthy candidates 
o Tally responses & list candidates
o Use proper technologies to present information effectively (SS)  o Design database of all candidates
o Brainstorm ideas for interviews
o Write letter inviting candidates to join project 
o Plan & schedule interviews upon receipt of candidates' replies
o Use various formats & technology to complete & enhance work (ELA)  o Word process memos to administrator & teachers informing them of interview schedules & projected field work  o Confirm interviews with candidates through e-mail & TTY
o Finalize selection of deaf leaders
o Engage in effective discussions (ELA)
o Understand & express different points of view (ELA) 
o Prepare interview questionnaire
o Strategize interview techniques
o Practice with still & video cameras
o Coordinate public transportation for interviews 
o Hold interviews at deaf leaders' offices
o Photograph & video leaders during interviews 
o Share journal reflections with each other
o Word process, desktop publish & incorporate multimedia in published reports (ELA)  
o Write biographies of successful deaf leaders
o Bind biographies & photos into books
o Create computer slide show for celebration
o Contribute books & videotaped interviews to D.E.A.F., Inc., the school library & alumni association
o Make effective presentations (ELA) 
o Frame & caption photos 
o Locate wall where photos will hang
o Prepare for celebration
o Present slide show at celebration honoring deaf leaders 
o Invite school community & members of deaf community to celebration
o Give Wall of Fame tours to local schools & school based management team