Seasons of Service


Memorial Day ~ Time for Remembrance

What better way to beat the Holiday Gimmees and observe Red Letter Days than to practice good deeds? Here's a way to discover the true meaning of holidays and heroes. Please join us in celebrating the following Season of Service.

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, means more than summer's first long weekend. Rooted in our nation's history, it signals us to honor Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. Students who reflect and act on the true meaning of this day will ensure that its sacred traditions will be forever observed:

Research Memorial Day History. Share it with younger children.


Read stories of America's conflicts. Post student reflections on the Remembrances and Condolences page of the PBS National Memorial Day Concert.


Read about Women in the Military Service for America Memorial. Contact local veterans organizations to identify former service women who would agree to Oral History Interviews. Publish interviews in school or local newspapers.


Collaborate with veterans on How to Observe Memorial Day. Form teams to help with the decoration of veterans' graves and local monuments.


Keep veterans' memories green by planting trees in tribute to their service.


Collect toiletries and other personal essentials. Donate them to a local veterans homeless shelter.


Create and bring holiday cards to hospitalized veterans at local Veterans Health Administration Facilities.


Organize a schoolwide Memorial Day assembly. Invite a veteran as keynote speaker.


Make a quilt naming service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Donate it to a local nursing home or senior center.


Adopt a local cemetery. Photograph and inventory veterans' graves. Present results to municipality and veterans' organizations.


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Thanks to Charlotte McCullough and the Marine Corps JROTC Color Guard serving at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School for the above photo taken by Master Gunnery Sergeant Clougher.

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