Seasons of Service


Public Service Recognition Week

What better way to beat the Holiday Gimmees and observe Red Letter Days than to practice good deeds? Here's a way to discover the true meaning of holidays and heroes. Please join us in celebrating the following Season of Service.

Since 1985, Americans have set aside the first Monday through Sunday in May to publicly acknowledge the enormous range of government services and to thank the millions of federal, state, county and local employees who contribute to the quality of our lives. Here are some ways for young people to reflect on civic responsibilities, consider public service careers, and pay tribute to our nation's unsung heroes.

Notable Quotes Feature the words of famous figures on posters that pay tribute to government service. Display posters in schools, community centers, and public buildings.


Round Table Talk Brainstorm topics that address government issues. Invite parents and community leaders to observe or participate.


Public Service Fair Hold a Service Learning Fair in the school library. Include career information on folks responsible for safe and healthy communities.


Tour de Force Contact Town or City Hall officials for a student visit. Study backgrounds and functions of each department pre-tour. Be prepared to ask informed questions during tour. Send Thank You notes post-tour.


Wall of Public Service Mount butcher paper on an interior wall near school office. Provide markers and invite school staff, students, and parents to name or illustrate key Public Servants in their lives.


Story Time Arrange to talk and read about Community Helpers with youngsters at a local library or childcare center. Distribute student made bookmarks celebrating Public Servants and their roles.


Service on Stage View or read about real life problems and how Public Service helps solve them. Dramatize and present skits to invited classes.


Fundraiser Organize a School Bake Sale or Car Wash saluting past and present Armed Forces Members. Donate proceeds to the Red Cross, or a local homeless Veterans Center.


Dear Sir/Madam Identify a community issue. Address it in letters to public officials and/or to editors.


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