2006-06 A Year of Teacher/Student Partnerships in Service Learning

CHESP Year 3 Report

With nearly 40 high school teams applying academic know-how to solve real world problems, BPS students & teachers continue to value Community Higher Education School Partnerships.

Highlights from 2005-06 activities & events:

Learn & Serve America Program Officer’s visit with BPS CHESP Advisory Council including Community Partners from Boston Women’s Heritage Trail (BWHT) & Higher Ed Partners from Tufts University College of Citizenship & Public Service (now Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service)
Call Back Session for CHESP Summer Institute Boston Women through the Centuries ~ Lifting their Voices
20 trips to Adams National Historical Park & 10 trips to John F. Kennedy Library, thanks to transportation funding by Presidents’ Heritage Foundation
Tufts Scholars mentoring of Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) members
Posting of CHESP Learn & Serve Adapter Projects selected from 2004-05 CHESP Learn & Serve Projects
Dissemination of Grant Guidelines for 2005-06 CHESP Learn & Serve Project Teachers/Students as Partners to high school headmasters, coordinators, teachers & BSAC members
Participation in MA DOE Community Service-Learning Grantee Kickoff Meeting
CHESP Grant Info Sessions
Training of CHESP Youth Council & Tufts Scholar for Grant Application Review
Review of Grant Applications for CHESP Learn & Serve Projects Teachers/Students as Partners
CHESP Awards Orientation for Teachers & Student Representatives
Memberships in Boston Women's Heritage Trail, Museum of African American History, Recycle Center – Extras for Creative Learning & The Bostonian Society for Grant Awardees
Classroom implementation of Education Development Center (EDC) & Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association’s (CHAPA) collaboration on curriculum unit Promoting Affordable Housing through Service-Learning
Dissemination of articles on CHESP activities through local newspapers & newsletters
Review of Final Reports & Reflections of Teachers/Students as Partners

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Funded by:

TeachNet Service Learning is administered by Boston Public Schools Affiliate IMPACT II @ High School Renewal.
Supporting TeachNet are Special Assistant to the Superintendent for High School Renewal, Kathleen Mullin; IMPACT II Affiliate Director Barbara Locurto; WebMaster Andrew Binns; Web Advisor Linda Younis, High School Renewal; School to Career Program: Linda Younis; Project Assistant Jean Gibran. For more information, email blocurto@gmail.com.

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