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Let us pause ~ September 11 ~ 8:45 AM ~ 9:45 AM ~ 10:10 AM
How will we pay tribute? Service Learning activities enable our youth to connect with community. We have gathered several ways that students and teachers can create living memorials through good deeds. Hopefully, this Web Site List will help us honor our heroes with dignity and sincerity not for one day but throughout the year.

Web Sites for Learn & Serve ~ Reflect & Remember

9/11 as History Lesson Plans for Educators Family and Work Institute

Activities, Web Sites, Lesson Plans Remember September 11, The Teachers Corner

America Responds Classroom Resources The American Flag PBS

American Association of Museums Joining Communities in a Day of Remembrance

Constitutional Rights Foundation Reflecting on September 11

Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate Anti Defamation League

FEMA Resources for Parents and Teachers

Good Ideas Lesson Plans for Teaching Courage, Compassion and Community During American Character Week, Sept. 6-17

Links of Compassion Lesson Plan Scholastic

N.Y. Times Daily Lesson Plan In Memory Exploring Issues in Designing Memorials

N.Y. Times Daily Lesson Plan Objects of Memory

One Year Later: Remembering September 11, 2001 Suggestions for Educators and Other Caregivers National Association of School Psychologists

PBS: America Responds - Classroom Resources

Peace Pledge Lesson Plan Scholastic

Proposals for Rebuilding World Trade Center CNN.com

Remember September 11 Lesson Plans and Resources National Education Association

September 11, 2001 Names of Victims (American Airlines Flight 11, World Trade Center; American Airlines Flight 77, West Section of the Pentagon, United Airlines Flight 175, United Airlines Flight 73, Somerset County Pennsylvania)

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