Seasons of Service


Earth Day Every Day!

What better way to beat the Holiday Gimmees and observe Red Letter Days than to practice good deeds? Here's a way to discover the true meaning of holidays and heroes. Please join us in celebrating the following Season of Service.

Everyone loves Earth Day. Students who continue to improve the environment with meaningful Service Learning can transform a single day into a lifetime of stewardship. Here are projects and activities that let young people celebrate Earth Day Every Day.

Educate the Neighborhood Host an Earth Day Learning Festival. Share environmental exhibits, activities, and games with younger peers, parents, and community leaders.


Focus on Environmental Health Conduct a survey on health symptoms and concerns. Follow up with a Community Environmental Health Fair.


Test the Water Join the Earth Day Network "Water for Life" Campaign and Wise up to Water.


Feed the Birds Turn a discarded soda bottle into a birdfeeder. Present it to a local nursing home.


Think Globally Act Locally Apply recycling guidelines to a venture capitalist model. Recycle with EPA ~Entrepreneurial Paper Activities.


Take it to Court Research a controversial environmental issue. Present both sides in a mock trial to other classes.


Grow Gardens Plant a Community Garden, a Healing Garden, a school Rooftop Garden, or see how a GardenWorks.


Praise the Planet Publish a newsletter devoted to articles, poems, editorials, and letters about the environment. Make Public Service Announcements and perform Earth Day skits for the school community.


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