Think Safety
Jane Thom
teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at Charlestown High School.


Students: Grade 9 class of English Language Learners (ELL)
Charlestown High School Nurse, Librarian, Custodian

Classroom Activities
Brainstorm challenges for new comers who join a community
Agree that safety is key for new immigrants
Read & research safety practices in home, school & community
Decide to educate others on safety issues
Assign safety topics: at home, on the street, at the rink, on bikes, in cars, on the Internet & playing sports
Use technology to produce Think Safety computer slide shows, posters & booklets
Expand Safety Education audience by including student projects on Think Safety web site
Community Activities
Visit school library & discuss resources for Safety Information with Librarian
Interview Custodian on preventing accidents in school & play areas
Interview School Nurse on sound safety practices
Present computer slide shows to other classmates & younger children
Distribute posters throughout school
Agree to become proactive by joining community groups & communicating with neighborhood leaders, community officials & local police & fire departments
Teacher Reflections
This project allowed ELL students in ESL 1 class to use English in meaningful ways. It also allowed students to use their writing skills. They served the community by reminding others about safety issues. Along with using English, students also learned to use technology as a tool for research, publishing, communication, and presentation. . . . By teaching others, students became socially conscious. During the presentations, issues came up about community safety. Questions and suggestions were raised on what they could do about the recent increase in neighborhood crime. Students decided that they should join organizations that address safety issues. They suggested writing letters to the Mayor and to the Police Commissioner about providing more police patrols. From this project, students learned that even young and new immigrants can and should contribute to community safety.

Student Reflections
We had a good time in this safety project. We taught children about crossing the streets and using seat belts. We urged them to put away toys so people would not trip on them. We warned teenagers and adults about driving safely. We talked about traffic rules and cell phones while driving. We presented ways to avoid danger and strangers while using the Internet. We reminded parents of ways to keep homes safe by having: carbon monoxide detectors, new batteries in smoke detectors, and window guards. We showed ways to keep homes safe from fire. We showed ways to keep ourselves safe while walking on streets. We also learned about joining community groups. We need to educate neighbors to watch out for each other. We must let the Mayor and the Police know that we are concerned. If we all do our part, we will be successful in improving our neighborhoods.

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