Seasons of Service


Black History ~ Beyond February

What better way to beat the Holiday Gimmees and observe Red Letter Days than to practice good deeds? Here's a way to discover the true meaning of holidays and heroes. Please join us in celebrating the following Season of Service.

Why limit Black History to February? When students and teachers describe the role of Black Americans in our nation's history, they explore amazing avenues and reveal compelling stories. Here are some ways for middle and high schoolers to serve their community by proclaiming a lasting legacy well beyond the shortest month of the year:

Black History Calendar Print out twelve monthly pages celebrating Black Leaders. Visit a day care center and present calendar to children. Discuss each leader and encourage youngsters to learn about them throughout the year.


Book of Heroes Identify local Black leaders who have made a difference. Interview them and include their descriptions in a Book of Heroes. Distribute it at community meetings.


Voting Rights Trace the chronology of Voting Rights in Black History. Produce flyers encouraging voter registration and distribute them throughout the community.


Stamps of Honor Learn how United States stamps reflect Black History. Agree on a deceased African American not currently represented and create a design portraying your choice. Send proposal to the United States Postal Service Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.


Harlem Renaissance Research this remarkable period. Illustrate posters of selected artists and writers. Display them in school or local library.


Olympic Gold Read about the African American record of Olympic stars. Record Public Service Announcements about outstanding black athletes and broadcast them during half time at local sports events.


Future Role Models Mentor youngsters by reading biographies of distinguished Black Americans and making bookmarks with quotations by these leaders. Visit a pediatric ward and distribute markers to patients.


From Attucks to Powell Research Black contributors to our nation's military. Invite African American veterans to class and discuss their own combat and peacetime experiences. Pay tribute to them by serving at a local veterans center.


Interactive Treasure Hunt Take an interactive quiz on Black History by exploring a Resource List. Go online to form theses for essays on important aspects of African-American Heritage everybody should know. Share essays with other classes and send outstanding ones to the local newspaper.


Teaching Tolerance Discover the tolerance level of your school community by surveying classmates on attitudes about social groups. Graph results and post them in a central display area.


Poetry Slam Read, rehearse, remember a selection of twentieth century African American poets. Invite community and family members to a Poetry Reading at a local nursing home or senior center.


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